Eldon Stormwynd


Eldon Stormwinde is short, as is customary for a gnome, but with a flare for trickery. He is a monk of shadows, and he enjoys using his height and darkvision to his advantage, trying to make his dwarven teachers proud. He is nimble and very fast. While he is not strong, he uses his nimbleness to make up for it.
He fights with a short sword and unarmed strikes. He just recently got a really fancy short sword from pressing a demonic rune in a cave.
He can also use darts, but they are boring.


Eldon grew up in a small burrow with his parents Hilda and Clyde, as well as his younger brother Dayne. While growing up he would often sneak out to bars, where he would watch traveling entertainers. He especially enjoyed watching the magicians, who amazed him with their tricks. To this day, he is trying to learn magic tricks, but so far is not very good at them.
One summer he and his brother had left home to go adventuring when a band of human bandits attacked them. They hid, being warned ahead of time by some small animals. However they were found, and almost killed until a band of adventurers found them and took them to safety, forming the Western Party with Yogg, Cloakman, and Malcolm IX.The brothers accepted and stayed with them for two and a half years.
Eldon spent most of his time learning with the dwarves, deciding to become a monk himself. He grew a bit apart from his brother then, as he spent less time with him and more with the monks, as well as growing annoyed at his brother’s newfound militant love of nature. While Eldon likes nature as much as any forest Gnome, he is quieter in his love, preferring to occasionally talk to animals. After a few years of training, it was decided it was time the brothers go their own way, being deemed strong enough. They made their way to Linell, hearing of a good quest to be had there.

Eldon Stormwynd

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