G-Weasey is a small, dire weasel kit given to the Western Party by Snub the Weasel-Tamer at the stables on the shore of the city of Linell. His fur is predominately white, with brown spots around his face and underbelly. His claws haven’t fully grown in yet, but his bite is fierce. Once matured, G-Weasey is expected to be 10 feet long and weigh approximately 700 lbs.

Max HP: 9
AC: 13

+3 to Perception, +5 to Stealth, +4 to Performance
Darkvision 60 ft
Keen hearing and smell: Advantage on perception checks of noise or scent


G-Weasey was the runt of his litter, and was made even more undesirable to the selective breeding at the Linell stables by his unique fur coloration. Although Snubb knew that the kit, due to his size and color, would never make a good hauler like the other weasels, the kobold trainer suspected that G-Weasey had great potential elsewhere. Eager to launch the creature into the world of the unknown, Snubb donated G-Weasey to the Western Party. While the weasel was terrified of the thought of leaving the stables, once he entered the arms of Cloakman, he felt at home, much to Dayne’s dismay.

Dayne attempted to win the weasel’s affections on the walk to the edge of the town, but made little progress. Cloakman tried to tell him a story about industrialization, but forgot how it went. Outside of town, G-Weasey tried to attack a wolf, but ended up being swallowed whole. Cloakman reluctantly sliced the wolf’s stomach open and retrieved G-Weasey’s wiggling body through its windpipe in a surprisingly nontraumatic encounter.

Near an entrance to the Mines, G-Weasey tackled a raven to the ground and bit its head off. Later, in the sealed vault, G-Weasey upset the elder gods and reanimated their security golems by removing a shiny amulet from a pile of treasure and junk.

G-Weasey landed the finishing blow on an Ice Demon at the bottom of the Mines by smashing his way through its chest cavity, causing it to explode into tiny shards of ice.

Upon returning to Linell, Snubb made amends with G-Weasey, telling him that he “had grown into something fierce.”

G-Weasey spends most of his time sleeping on Cloakman’s shoulders.


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