Aetheria is the name given to the continent that connects and divides the five primary regions. On its western shore, it is connected to distant lands by an arctic land bridge. There are a number of islands and subregions off of Aetheria’s coast to the southwest and northeast.

Central Region

The central region is the only region on Aetheria united by governmental authority. It is isolated from external contact, especially from the northern region, and then divided into multiple districts by large marble walls, segregated by the wealth and overall social class of the districts. Typically, the most prestigious and economically powerful cities are contained within districts in the inner circle of the region, whereas poorer, more agrarian cities are found in outer districts bordering other regions of Aetheria. All districts contribute wealth and labor to the capitol, with the exception of Caliban, the Mage district.

Northern Region

The northern region, once the home of farmlands and rolling hills, has long since been terraformed by tribes of necromancers and tieflings who created portals to the underworld and harnessed demonic powers. Today, large, crystalline towers contain this energy and disperse it to the surrounding lands. Lesser demons can be found in this region, but more often one will find humanoids that have been corrupted by demonic influence, or warlocks attempting to harness this power. A darker cult of abyssals has taken control of some areas of the region as well, creating colonies along its northern shores and the Stone River. Demonic tribelands bordering the northeast are in an ongoing conflict with civilizations in the eastern region.

Eastern Region

The eastern region is characterized by dense jungles and clear shores. With the exception of the Granite Palace and the Hideout Cove, the region operates by tribal relations. Small villages, encampments, and communes are littered throughout the jungle and on the beaches. The jungles are filled with remnants from the Old World such as temples, underground colonies, and hidden artifacts. Kali-Kama, the active volcano to the southeast, is kept from erupting by local mage and monk tribes who have kept the area stable by tapping into its natural energy.

Southern Region

The southern region is home to forests, marshes, and swamplands. There are only two large traditional palaces in the region, the rest of it dominated by small, isolated communities separated by large tracts of land. The region is usually neglected by the western and central region because it is the home of outcasts and exiles from both regions. While many outcasts organize into criminal communes, a small handful of them conform to quiet life in existing communities. The eastern region trades their treasures and natural resources extensively with cities across the Oceanic Thread, while the northern region has extremely little contact with the southern region, and hardly acknowledges its existence.

Western Region

The western region is a cold, arctic biome that is home to small commercial, mining, and religious communities. The Mines bring natural resources to the port city Linell, as well as treasures from the Old World. A mountain range divides this region from the southern region, and is often avoided by travelers due to hostile wildlife and rumors of dragons. The Stones River divides this region from the nothern region. Demonic presence from the north has begun to slip into areas along the border of the western region, but has been contained by tribes of mages north of otherpeak. Otherwise, the region is characterized by collections of small villages and the Oasis, a remote, loosely-governed community better-known for being the last stop for outcasts before being exiled to the southern region.


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